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HUIKANG corp was established in 1997, In the HiFi market, HUIKANG develops a wide range of competitive products, which offer our clients a comprehensive product portfolio and the flexibility for customization.

We have been providing the highest standard toroidal transformer along with toroidal transformer based products in designing & producing fields for decades long. The toroidal transformer is more efficient than other transformer type and very important in today's environment. The transformer also with the demands for ever cleaner and greener power. As a top leader in the HiFi industry of Taiwan, HUIKANG corp is leading the way of state-of-the-art technologies with future-oriented global vision to meeting every customer’s expectations and well adapting into international overall demanding markets.


In the future, HUIKANG will focus on providing our customers the total HiFi solution. With our advanced sound processing technology and competence in customized products, we believe HUIKANG is the solution for your HiFi requirement.




2014 12/26
Linear Regulator Power Supply DC-216
◎ Regulator Type: Linear Regulator with Output Current Limit Protection
◎ Output Voltage: DC 6V+6V / 9V+12V / 19V / 20V ... more

2014 12/25
Isolation Power Supply PT-212
◎ Transformer Type: Balanced Isolation Toroidal Transformer 
◎ Rated Voltage: 100V, 115V, 230V/ 50, 60 Hz . more

2014 12/24
Isolation Power Supply PT-2000
◎ Transformer Type: Balanced Isolation Toroidal Transformer  
◎ Rated Voltage: 100V, 115V, 230V/ 50, 60 Hz ... more

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